6510 Tweets

A nonsensical html app that reads Commodore 64 programs encoded in tweets.
See what you can do in 280 characters (how much you can deface my site using tweets)

Disclaimer: The content is automatically taken from an external site and I don't take any responsibility.

The programs are played using an online emulator (the great Vice emulator converted to javascript by janicek.co)
That makes any created program safe to run: the worst that can happen is it not working.

Viewing a 6510 tweet

choose a tweet, and see it run in an online emulator. At the moment BASE65536, Base64 and Hex (Base16) encoded tweets are handled..

EDIT: unfortunately the Twitter search API only gives results of the past 7 days of the tweets with hashtag 'twt6510' so if the list is empty after pressing 'get results' a standard pre-made tweet is opened

I'm thinking about storing older tweets on this server (anonimised if necessary.

Found tweets:

Make your own 6510 tweet!

  1. convert your C64 program (.prg format) by uploading using the upload button.
  2. copy the converted text from the text box
  3. the first character is the encoding type, 1 for Base65536, 2 for Base64 en 3 for Hex
  4. now create a new tweet containing the converted prg
  5. make sure the tweet contains the hashtag '#twt6510'.
  6. You can enter more text and tags after the tag
  7. Ofcourse all text together must be within a Twitter 280 chars limit.